National Centre for Music

Our ambition is to transform a building designed for learning into a national beacon for music and fitting home for Scotland's National Centre for Music.

Main Hall Architects impression of Main Hall

The National Centre for Music has been established to promote Scotland's rich musical heritage and support our diverse ecosystem. Strengthening bonds with stakeholders and beneficiaries across our musical landscape, The National Centre for Music will inspire the joy of music, nurture skills and foster innovation. 

Located on Calton Hill, this unique space will be transformed by the Royal High School Preservation Trust into a fitting home for musicians, choirs, students, audiences, funders, and venues alike, providing a resource for the people of Edinburgh and Scotland to come together to experience music across a broad spectrum of styles and disciplines.

The main auditorium and associated spaces will be busy day and night, with choirs, orchestras, bands and smaller ensembles rehearsing and performing. The meeting rooms will host groups seeking to share best practice in music education and discover new skills. 

In the months and years leading up to the opening of our new home, we will work with partners and stakeholders in music, education and culture to develop the offer and maximise the benefits of the spaces and facilities in the Thomas Hamilton Building. 

Join us in our mission to create a national resource and cultural beacon that is dedicated to nurturing and promoting Scotland's musical talent. Whether you're a music enthusiast or a music professional, the National Centre for Music is here to support you in your musical journey. If you’d like to find out more or get involved please contact

It is our belief that a National Centre for Music will take its place confidently in Edinburgh’s cultural landscape, building on the city’s world-leading strengths as a UNESCO World Heritage City, a festival city and a forwardlooking city that strives to create a democracy of opportunity for all of its citizens.

Octagon 1- Smaller performance Architect impression of an intimate performance